Safety and Peace of Mind


Welcome to the parents' part of our website. We know that sending your children away on a residential trip can cause a certain amount of anxiety for some parents. That is why we have a special section for you, to give you peace of mind about our centre and your child’s safety. Also, have a look at our testimonials page to see what others think about Education Away.

We take safety very seriously at Education Away. For over 30 years, and having welcomed 25,000 children, we have had no serious safety issues and are very proud of this excellent record. We are on duty, 24 hours a day, throughout your child’s stay. 


We only use high quality coaches from firms familiar to us. Most of the drivers are well known by us and have been coming to us for many years.

Rules and Guidelines

Immediately after arriving the children go on a guided tour around the centre and are given clear instructions to ensure they remain safe.

Fire Safety

The centre is approved by the North Wales Fire Service safety officer and we have completed an approved Fire Risk Assessment. After arriving at the centre your child's group will receive guidance on what to do in the case of fire. Every child will be shown their specific night-time fire exit before they go to bed on the first night. At this time there is also a question and answer session to ensure that all the instructions have been heard and, more importantly, understood.

Safety at Night

The outer doors are code-locked during the night which allows for an easy exit in case of emergency, whilst keeping everyone safe and sound.

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