Parents Questions Answered

Q: What will my child learn on this trip to Wales?

A: Your child’s trip will have been carefully planned to include plenty of learning opportunities and to ensure that your child has fun too. At Education Away we recognise the importance of lifelong learning and reinforce the principles of the Government’s ‘Every Child Matters’ campaign. We will try to make sure that by the end of their stay your child will have been introduced to a number of new activities and experiences. When they come back we know many parents are pleasantly surprised to see how much their child has developed over the few days they have been away.

Q: What activities will they do?

A: There is a section on this website that gives more details of activities that are available both on site and off site.

Q: What’s the food like?

A: The food is one of the highlights of the week for many children. We know this from the many thank-you letters we receive (see testimonials page). Students with special dietary needs will be catered for.

Q: What are your accommodation arrangements like?

A: The children (split into boys and girls) sleep in warm, comfortable bunk beds in the 5 dormitories at the centre. Pillows are provided but children MUST bring a sleeping bag or duvet and sheet and a pillowcase. Each dormitory has its own shower and toilet nearby.

Q: Who is in charge if something happens during the night?

A: Teachers are located near to their children and there are 2 members of our staff who sleep on site (because it is their home!).

Q: How much pocket money should the children bring?

A: There are opportunities to spend a small amount of money on souvenirs etc. Your child's teacher will give you further information on this.

Q: What is the best way for parents to pay for their trip?

A: It is common for parents to pay off small portions of the trip, week by week and some schools will provide a savings card which can help.

Q: What about the well-being of the children?

A: Whilst with us your children are in the care of their own school staff but, in addition, all our staff are fully qualified teachers who are well aware of the need to make sure that your child is properly looked after. We aim to provide a supportive and nurturing environment at all times.

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