On Site Activities

We offer a number of activities within the centre and around the village, which are all included in the price. Some of the more popular activities include:

The Bottle Run

bottle run game north wales primary school

bottle run game north wales primary schoolThe Bottle RunThe Bottle Run is one of our most popular activities where teams have to work together to move a bottle on a rope around the course. Speed is key as you are against the clock and the other teams.


orienteering nantglyn village

Orienteering around NantglynLearn map reading skills, which are vital to be able to navigate around our orienteering course.

Dam building

Dambuilding north wales priamry school

Dam building north wales primary schoolThis is a great favourite. See how much water the children can stop from tumbling down our picturesque mountain stream.

The Wide Game

Team challenge building games

Team challenge building gamesWorking in teams, try to smuggle the life saving anti-biotics to the medical staff who need them most. But beware, there are villains and crooks who are after this medication to sell on the black market.


Croquet north wales primary schoolCroquet north wales primary schoolTry your hand at croquet on our beautifully manicured lawns. Tactics and team work are the key in this very British game.

Nature trails

NAture trails village school primary trips

NAture trails village school primary tripsThere are several differing lengths of walks around the village, taking in the beautiful Welsh countryside whilst learning about some of the flora and fauna.

World of Sport

sports on our playing fields

Our spacious playing field is frequently used for the more traditional sports of football, rugby, rounders and cricket but we also offer something a little different including an introduction to Gaelic football and ultimate frisbee.

Code breakers

code breakers

In this activity children must devise their own code. Then they will try to send the message without sounds or drawings to the rest of the team, over 50m away.

The Nightwalk

night walk primary school north wales

Take a walk around our centre to see what comes out at night.

Building bridges

team building north wales bridges

team building north wales bridgesHere the children have to build a bridge across our stream in order for the 'old teacher' to be able to cross it, in order to go and get their pension!

Team Building

team building north wales obstacle course

team building north wales obstacle courseIn this activity the children must navigate around an obstacle course, trying to keep as much of the water in the bucket as possible.

Art appreciation

Some schools enjoy a tranquil morning exploring different painting methods with varying subjects including the house (built in 1573), the rose garden and the ‘thinking child’ sculpture.

Fire Building techniques

Fire Building Skills

Learn the basics of building a fire and then cooking for your survival!

The Wild Flower Hunt

wild flowers north wales primary school

Children search for some of the beautiful wild flowers we have growing all over our centre. They can then arrange them and give them away to their staff to show their appreciation!

Memory games

Memory Games primary school

See how good the children are at remembering when they are pitted against their friends and the clock (Kim's Game).

Scavenger Hunt

See what creepy crawlies and other wildlife can be found in the grounds of our centre.

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