" It was great to hear that we could come to Plas Nantglyn this year. It was better than I had imagined. As soon as I had my things set up in the dormitory I felt at home. The thing I enjoyed most was playing in the stream." William, Cheshire primary school.

"Thank you for letting all our class stay at your centre and for making us feel welcome. The food was brilliant and scenery was exquisite. We hope we see you again." David, Stockport primary school.

"Thank you for putting up with us all. The cooking was wonderful, much better than the food at home. I had so much fun, especially the orienteering, though we didn't do very well. I wanted to stay for longer." Georgina, Northamptonshire primary school.

"I enjoyed dam building. It was very challenging and a race against time and the other groups. Our team worked well together and because of this we came first. I had a lot of fun getting wet. Thank you very much for having us in your lovely home." Ria, Derbyshire primary school.

"I had a fantastic time at your house. I really enjoyed sketching a picture of your beautiful garden. I liked the rope swing, despite the fact that I fell in the first time. The bedrooms were really big and the beds were comfortable. Thank you very much." Charlotte, Oxfordshire primary school.

"I have only been here for 3 meals but I already love the food." Hertfordshire primary school.

Head Teachers

"You have given the school a wonderful time and I must thank you for your hospitality. In all my years of teaching I have visited many residential centres. None has the quality of Plas Nantglyn. It has been praised by teachers, children and parents."Oxfordshire headteacher.

"The whole visit was excellent, extremely valuable for the children and enjoyed by all who took part. Along with the other staff, I am just coming to the end of the recovery period!" Lancashire headteacher.


"I can honestly say that the children were enthusiastic about every moment of their stay. We have received many positive comments and thanks from parents as a result. As you can imagine, this has made all the hard work worthwhile." Bristol teacher.

"I can't even begin to describe how relaxing this week has been - due to your hospitality and kindness. I'm counting the days until we're back again."Buckinghamshire teacher.

"We were all very impressed by the high standards of the meals and accommodation and the provision of very enjoyable activities." Hertfordshire teacher.

"We all appreciated the trouble you go to so that everything runs like clockwork. Thank you for a wonderful few days, and the chance to enjoy your beautiful surroundings once more." Warwickshire teacher.


"We would like to thank you for an extremely fantastic experience had by our son. He thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his trip and has had lots of wonderful stories to tell us about you and your beautiful home". Lancashire Parents.

"I would like to thank you for the fantastic time Matthew has just had with you. I was really nervous as it was his first time away from his family. He has just arrived home, exhausted but full of excitement. He had the most fantastic time and he thought you were brilliant". Oxfordshire Parents.

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